Introducing Our Newest Oven Trays at Wiggo: Versatility, Quality, and Safety

At Wiggo, we are committed to providing you with top-notch kitchen appliances and accessories that enhance your cooking experience. We are excited to introduce three new additions to our oven tray lineup: the Standard Tray, the Deep Tray, and the Air Fry Tray. These trays are designed with versatility, quality, and safety in mind, making them perfect companions for your culinary adventures.

WA-OT1 Standard Oven Tray

The WA-OT1 Standard Oven Tray is an indispensable addition to your kitchen accessories. With dimensions of 35 x 46 x 3.6 cm, this tray fits comfortably in most ovens, making it ideal for a variety of cooking tasks. Crafted from high-quality black enamel, it ensures even heat distribution and long-lasting performance. The smooth enamel surface makes cleaning effortless, saving you time and effort. Its sleek appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchenware collection.

WA-OT2 Deep Oven Tray

For those who need a bit more depth, the WA-DT1 Deep Oven Tray is the perfect solution. Measuring 35 x 46 x 5.4 cm, this tray is ideal for baking casseroles, roasting meats, and more. The durable black enamel construction guarantees even cooking and easy cleanup. Whether you’re preparing a family dinner or hosting a gathering, this deep tray is up to the task, providing ample space for your culinary creations.

WA-OT3 AirFry Oven Tray

Air frying has never been easier with the WA-AFT1 Air Fry Oven Tray. Designed with a depth of 1.9 cm, this tray is perfect for achieving that crispy texture we all love. The 35 x 46 cm size fits seamlessly into your oven, allowing you to enjoy healthier, oil-free cooking. Made from high-quality black enamel, this tray ensures even heat distribution and easy maintenance. Elevate your air frying experience with this versatile and efficient tray.


Safety First: Lead-Free Construction

At Wiggo, we prioritize your health and safety. We are proud to announce that all our new oven trays are free from harmful lead. You can cook with confidence, knowing that your meals are prepared on safe, high-quality surfaces. Our commitment to safety ensures that you and your loved ones can enjoy delicious, worry-free meals every day.


Why Choose Wiggo Oven Trays?

– Versatile Design: Suitable for a wide range of cooking tasks, from baking and roasting to air frying.
– High-Quality Material: Durable black enamel construction for even heat distribution and long-lasting performance.
– Easy to Clean: Smooth enamel surface for effortless cleaning.
– Lead-Free: Safe, lead-free materials ensure your health and safety.

Upgrade your kitchen today with Wiggo’s new oven trays and experience the difference that quality cookware can make. Visit our store to explore these fantastic new products and find the perfect tray for your cooking needs. Happy cooking!

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